Everything you need for your entomophagous invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. We cater to schools, kindys, zoos, the pet trade, individuals, film crews and private parks.
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Biosuppliers Live Insects

Brief advice


We deliver anywhere within New Zealand. Orders received by close of business Tuesday will guarantee delivery before the weekend. Overseas orders are now very difficult to fulfill due to government regulations.

FROGS: A rule-of-thumb for frog keepers is 50 flies per frog per week per year of age. Thus a 6-month-old frog will eat 25 flies a week, a 1-year-old will et 50 and a 2-year-old will eat 100. Supplement with fruitflies, waxworms, locusts, crickets and mealworms and insects from your garden (not wasps, bees, ants or vegetable bugs). Frogs have enormous appetites and will eat nearly anything that moves.

REPTILES: Flies, waxworms, locusts, and crickets. Fruitflies for the babies, especially natives. Bearded dragons love blowflies, being Australian, and depending how big your beardie is, we have locusts from 4-35 mm. Great for tuataras as well.

FISH: Microworms and Daphnia for fry and small tropicals. Daphnia must be kept outside in at least 20 litres of aged water in a place where they won't overheat. Whiteworms and earthworms are great fish food, store in a cool place if you don't have a worm farm. Our range of frozen foods for all types of fish are available from selected pet shops. Fish love fruitflies - try a pack and see for yourself.

AXOLOTLS AND NEWTS: Small waxworms, fruitflies and whiteworms for your newts, waxmorms, mealworms, Axolotl Tucker (frozen) and locusts for your axolotls.

MAMMALS: Try your pet rat or mouse on mealworms, locusts, earthworms or waxworms. For advice on exotic mammals, please phone your local zoo or park.

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