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Frozen Foods

Trusted best seller Turtle Tucker since 1985
Axolotyl Tucker since 1990
Discus Tucker has garlic to help kill parasites
Marine Tuckers for saltwater fish
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Frozen foods are shipped as an any 10 packs, with a 1 kg total weight pack minumum. Shipping within Auckland metro incurs a $6 packaging surcharge. We will pay for the return of 6+ containers and refund returned containers in good condition. Packaging outside of Auckland is free. With the exception of Mysis shrimps, brine shrimps, bloodworms and Daphnia, all products are made by us, packed in 100 g choc-block trays and contain no additives or preservatives. Tadpole Tucker also comes in a 50 g flat pack, very useful where only a couple of taddies are being raised.
TURTLE TUCKER for turtles and tortoises, used and trusted formula modified over 30 years.
AXOLOTYL TUCKER for growing and adult axolotyls. Start newly hatched axolotyls on microworms and newly-hatched brine shrimp, then move on to Axolotyl Tucker.
FOR MARINE FISH: Marine Tucker, Marine Green Tucker, Seriously Green Tucker and Pink Shrimps in Chunky or Pieces. Also try Nori Snacks which are a non-frozen green seaweed.
FOR CICHLIDS: Cichlid Tucker regular for small cichlids and Cichlid Chunky for the big guys. Contains shrimps for an appetite stimulent.
FOR DISCUS: Specially formulated, used and trusted for many years by breeders. Contains garlic to help rid fish of internal parasites.
FOR GENERAL AQUARIUM USE: Tropical Tucker which contains bloodworms, shrimps, crab meat, green vegetables, insects and green algae. Also Beef Heart 'n' Liver tucker, high protein and inexpensive. You can also use bloodworms, brine shrimp and Daphnia in cube packs.
FOR GOLDFISH: High protein very special mix with green vegetables, just watch them colour up!
FOR REPTILES AND TURTLES: Turtle Treats and Bearded Dragon Snacks. These are a free-flow, wild-collected mix of pure insect larvae and pupae, great as regular food.
TADPOLE TUCKER: High protein mix with algae that will grow big, fat taddies.
SEA MONKEY TUCKER: A non-frozen powdered food for growing all stages of brine shrimp.
Frozen foods for fish, reptiles, birds and mammals