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Hi and thanks for visiting.  We are currently updating our website and a new pricelist will be available shortly.  If you’d like to make an enquiry in the meantime, please email us., bio@pl.net.  To save time please include your delivery address with postcode and your contact phone number when you first email us with an order.  This will let us assess the delivery cost of your order.  We’ll send you a copy of our new pricelist.   Our email is bio@pl.net and our phone is 022-1354740.

Insects available are houseflies, blowflies, mealworms, waxmoth larvae, locusts, crickets, black soldierfly larvae, white streakers (roaches) and wingless fruitflies.  We also have Daphnia, microworms, whiteworms, and native earthworms and single celled organisms including  Paramecium, Euglena, Amoeba and blue Stentor.

We apologise for the temporary inconvenience.