Welcome to New Zealand’s live food home page!

Hi, thanks for visiting.  We are registered as an essential service with MPI and are open during lockdown.  If you need to order some insects, please do so by email rather than phoning wherever possible.  To save time please include your delivery address with postcode and your contact phone number when you first email us.  This will let us assess the delivery cost of your order.  Rural delivery is $4.50 extra.  We’ll send you a copy of our pricelist below and come back to you to confirm the cost.   Our email is bio@pl.net and our phone is 022-1354740.

Delivery times to some areas have been extending out to 2 days and up to 4 days for rural deliveries.   We’ve been advised by CourierPost that the changeover to level 3 will put even more pressure on their network.  As such at the moment we cannot guarantee delivery the same week for any orders received after 5 pm on Tuesday.  Everything except Daphnia is available at present.

Insects available are houseflies, blowflies, mealworms, waxmoth larvae, locusts, crickets, black soldierfly larvae, white streakers (roaches) and wingless fruitflies.  We also have Daphnia, microworms, whiteworms, and native earthworms and single celled organisms including  Paramecium, Euglena, Amoeba and blue Stentor.

Please take care of yourself and your animals!